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7 years ago

null JSON validation seemingly handled differently between 2.2 and 2.3

We have a test that checks a JSON field for null, the field looks like this:


"exceptionHeader" : null


In 2.2 we have an assertion for that field and in the Expected Result box is 'null'. This test passes with 'null' in the Expected Result box. This same test when run in 2.3 will fail with this error:


Comparison failed. Path: [$['exceptionHeader']]; Expected value: [null]; Actual value: [].


It appears that the comparison in 2.2 recognizes 'null' as a string null and 2.3 thinks the value 'null' in the field means it is null. Expected change? Can I expect to make changes all though the tests to account for this or is this an error?

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    Thank you for posting on our forum.


    This is a bug. Please open a case in our portal to get the link to our latest maintenance build where it is fixed.




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      I have the same problem, do you know when the fix will be included in the general release?