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8 years ago

Not able to run an API with https url

Hi Everybody, 


I'm trying to run an API which has the URL: (the host is set up in local network). The method is GET.


As this is https, it requires a token, which is: Access-Token and its value is: eyJhbGciOiJRwczotcGxlL.mFrs3Zo8eaSNcxiNfvRh9dqKP4F1cB


I'd tried in Postman (Chrome's extension) and it works fine. 


To automate more API, I'd tried once in SOAP UI NG (Ready API 1.7.0) but got the error:


2016-06-09 14:53:08 - Error getting response; Certificates does not conform to algorithm constraints



I'd been searching for the solution on the internet many days but unfortunately, all the threads are discussing about HTTP only.


I attach here 2 images, 1 is the result in Postman and 1 is the result in SOAP I NG. 


Please help me with the solution.

Thanks alot !


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  • SoapUI does not understand encrypted SSL content.

    Try to import the certificate to SoapUI keystore in preferences.

    The certificates is located in "{soapui_home}/jre/lib/security" named cacerts

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      Thanks you for looking at my issue. 


      I've done adding the certificate as below and tried re-running the test. The same issue happened. 

      Is there something wrong , could you please help?