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6 years ago

Needs help to add a Raw header in SoapUIPRO



I was trying to learn how we can determine API calls during that session the trainer copy the raw header from the Get request and then added it in Restlet. I need to know how can we add a raw header in RestAPI?


Thanks in advance

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      Hi all,


      Nastya, thanks for the link provided!


      mnaeem, did the article help you sort this out?

      If the question was answered, could you please mark Nastya's reply as a Solution? This makes the search for the answer easier for other Community members in the future.


      Thank you in advance!

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        HI Olga_T,


        The article is good but it is not the solution for me. I am looking forward to add the authentication e.g. if for any requrest we need to send User ID and Password, if you know any good resource please share


        Thanks and Regards,

        Muhammad Naeem