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4 years ago

Multiple execution that start from single time

I have 2000 numbers in the excel sheet, I have to hit the APIs with those numbers one by one. I have looped to the excel and it is working fine. But the test is taking very log time(45 minutes), we dont want that much time. Any suggestions that could be great from the tool side

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    Hey ChandrasekharK,

    So you have 2000 records saved within a single testdata spreadsheet and it's taking approx. 45 mins to execute the whole project's tests?

    45x60=2700 seconds, so its taking 2700 seconds to execute 2000 tests? Thats 1.35 seconds per test....that's not too bad.

    Do the requirements of your system preclude you running your execution in parallel rather than sequential mode? That would cut the time down dramatically.

    If you search the optimising memory management in readyapi! via google you will retrieve some links indicating how you can make some alterations to you java heap, etc. in readyapi!'s vmoptions file.

    The other option is running in headless essentially use testRunner app to run the execution of your project via the command line. The advantage of doing this is that your machine isnt using up cpu/memory resourcing running the app in GUI mode.


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        ChandrasekharK I see that you replied straight to the email notification - this way your reply won't make it to the forums and nobody will see it. Let me manually copy it this time, but, please try posting inside the Community next time, thank you!🙂



        With this 2000 data in the excel, we need to pass through multiple APIs with a loop, If we use the loop for multiple APIs, it is taking one by one from the excel, So it is taking more time to finish the test. If we use the test runner also it will hit one by one, it is also taking more time. Please suggest a solution to finish the test quickly.

        Chandrasekhar K.