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6 years ago

Multipart form PoST request - Control M charcaters

ReadyApi version 2 or 1.9.3
When posting a multipart request two issues are happening
(1) on the server side I see Control M characters getting posted

(2)Content Type of the form param is text/JavaScript even though I set the content type is application Jon

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    Hi @Readyapi,


    I have asked our ReadyAPI engineer, @NBorovykh, for assistance, and here is what she replied:

    1. Could you please clarify what issues the Control M symbols cause for you? According to the standard, “HTTP/1.1 defines the sequence CR LF as the end-of-line marker for all protocol elements except the entity-body (see appendix 19.3 for tolerant applications). The end-of-line marker within an entity-body is defined by its associated media type, as described in section 3.7.”

      and for multipart types, “The message body is itself a protocol element and MUST therefore use only CRLF to represent line breaks between body-parts.”

      So, CR is supposed to be understood by your server.
    2. How do you set the content type and what do you get in the raw request at that? Screenshots showing this would help better understand your situation.


    We are looking forward to your reply,