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2 years ago

Missing methods in ReadyAPI SDK documentation and Groovy editor hints

I would like to get an active environment within a Groovy script.

I have learned there is a method getActiveEnvironmentName and can use it in a script:


project = testRunner.getTestSuite().getProject() "Project :" + project.getName() "Environment: " + project.getActiveEnvironmentName()

The script produces an expected output:


Wed Apr 13 09:24:39 CEST 2022: INFO: Project :LWS
Wed Apr 13 09:24:39 CEST 2022: INFO: Environment: TEST


But I wonder I do not get this method in the Groovy script code hints (Ctrl+SPACE):



I also was not able to find this method also in the SDK documentation:

Also other Project methods mentioned in the ReadyAPI documentation are not available in the SDK specification, e.g. project.getEnvironmentByName or
project.setActiveEnvironment mentioned in:

Can you please advise where to find the appropriate SDK specifications?


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