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13 years ago

Looking for support?

Please notice that this is the board for the members of loadUI Open Source Community to help each other. This board is not intended for support even though the eviware team will show up and help you at times. But please, don't get upset if we don't answer quickly or even at all; support is a commercial offering, and we'd like to think we perform it excellently; it’s absolutely worth the cost of a license.

So very crassly put: if you feel that timely answers are important enough to get upset about, it's also important enough to pay for.

How do I get support then?
Easy; buy a loadUI Pro License. Not only will you get Server Monitoring, as well as all upgrades and maintenance, you will also get support. loadUI Pro is USD 9,900$ for a year.

I have a license, how do I get support?

Your user credentials for the forum should have been sent to you in the same e-mail as your license key. If this doesn't help, we need your license information to be able to help you. Please submit a support case with your license information on this page:

/smartbear support

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  • Hi Support Team,

    I have installed load UI Pro 2.0.0 version and activated the 14 day trail license, Even after that loadUI Pro 2.0.0 version is unable to get server monitors in statistics workbench screen. So please I need support from you.

    Thanks & Regards
    Email id: