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6 years ago

Looking for immediate, paid consulting help on API testing

Hello all,


I'm looking to pay for someone's help to stand up a test system for a data drive API test.


I'm Managing a project that requires a new API that maintains backward compatibility to the old API.  My develpment team is offshore, and has done an incomplete job testing.  I would like to test this API myself, and it seems that SoapUI Pro has all of the features I need.  I'd like to test the new and old API with a csv of values for the xml tags, run test batches through both API's, store the results in CSV's, and compare them (I can do that in Excel).


I just downloaded SoapUI and started tinkering.  It  appears to have everything I need, but I don't have days or weeks to master the tool and I'm not a develop looking to develop this skill long-term.  I'd rather pay an expert for a few hours, more if needed, to screen share with me to set-up the test process and support me when needed.  Please message me if interested

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    I would suggest actually acquiring these skills yourself or hriing someone who has them. That way, you can have the full effects of testing and have someone that can work with your development team for resolving problems and defects and setting expectations.