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10 years ago

LoadUI Results with Data Driven Tests Questions



I am currently using SoapUI NG Pro and LoadUI (not Pro) through Ready! API 1.1.0.


I have setup a very simple data driven test that calls a service repeatedly with different values (read from an Excel file).  In order to see how it works, I ran the test as a Simple Strategy with 1 Thread and a Limit of 1 Total Run.


The results shown on the Test Step calling the web service as:
Count = 71 (this is the correct # of rows in my input file)

Min = 43

Max = 43

Avg = 43.19

Last = 43


The results returned on the overall Test Case was:

Count = 1

Min = 3099  (this appears to be the total time it took the thread to complete all 71 runs + the 46ms it took to load the data source)

Max = 3099

Avg = 3099

Last = 3099


It appears to me that the timing (min & max) results for the Test Step are displaying as the average time of all of the runs in that thread.  For example, if I had only 2 runs of the test steps in that data driven test with the times of 10ms and 400ms, the min and max would show as 205ms.



  1. Is my observation correct that each thread only reports an average result of the test step runs?
  2. Is it possible to have the data driven results more accurately represented (maybe I don't have an appropriate option selected)?  Instead of my example where 205ms was displayed in both min & max, could it show 10ms for min and 400ms for max?