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5 years ago

loadtestrunner and soapui.scripting.library

Dear SmartBear Community,


since a while we are succesfully using ReadyAPI succesfully within our continuous integration flow. In our tests we are using scripting that depends on some common scripts. As our CI is based on a cluster of build machines it's necessary to configure locations for scripts or libraries when launching the testrunner.


This is working fine for normal tests (testrunner.bat) using the JVM parameter:


Now we have to run loadui tests as well on CI and the problem is that the JVM parameter mentioned above isn't taken in account by the loadtestrunner.bat.

I also tried to use a workspace settings xml but the parameter "-p" is also not taken in account anymore when using loadtestrunner.


Is there any way to configure the scripting path when using loadui in headless mode ?


Thanks and BR

Michael Benoit