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5 years ago

Loading/Saving Project Properties for each Environment to a file during opening/closing a project

Hello,   I need to load/save Project Level Properties for each Environment to a single external file without running a project. All info I have found yet, was about loading/saving properties wh...
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    5 years ago

    Hi SmartFace,

    I have referred to one of our Support engineers and here is what they replied:


    If you need to save/load your custom project properties to/from a file, you can accomplish this by using the Saves property values to a file / Loads property values from a file to the list buttons in the Properties tab of the Project settings dialog (select your project in the Navigator panel, click Project in the main menu, select Project Settings, open the Properties tab). 
    Also, you can automate the task by creating scripts and putting them to the Load Script tab of the Project Settings dialog. In this case, they will be run when the project is imported. Here are the details:

    Please let us know whether this helps.