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8 years ago

Loading or referencing environment properties

Hello, I'm new to Ready API and SOAPUI NG in general. We're still trying to figure out best practices for various thing, in particular VCS. Our tests require a username password, however, we don't wa...
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    8 years ago



    Actually Global Properties work well with environments

    And Environment settings are not under settings.xml, its under each projects xml file



    Lets say you create two different global properties

    envAPassword :  envAPasswordValue

    envBPassword :  envBPasswordValue


    Now you need a password property at the project level to show up in environments, let's call it projectPassword


    You need to environment settings

    1. select envA and need to specify projectPassword value as ${envAPassword}

    2. select envB and need to specify projectPassword value as ${envBPassword}


    Thus global properties flows seamlessly into your environment.