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3 years ago

Last value returned starts running

Due to Log4j we had to upgrade from SoapUI Pro to ReadyAPI 3.20. I was quite happy with that. After a couple of successful test runs, I noticed an error in the DataGen with our one of our properties. In the DataGen I have added the following property


  • Name: BerichtID
  • Type: Number
  • Mode: Read
  • Shared: True


The only configured parameter of BerichtID property is Persist series between test runs is true. After setting a next value to be return and press Run (of the Datagen). The "Next value to be returned" and "last value returned" start running. Stopping is only possible when the Mode is Read, but this causes problems in the testcase.  Does anyone has an idea how to fix this? Removing the old DataGen and creating a new one doesn't work.