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5 years ago

JSON Response incomplete

Hello, i have a rest webservice returning json data. The json reponse contains the key "class". Soap UI does not display the key. I can see the "class" in the raw data.   {    "class" : "ABC",...
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    5 years ago
    Hey andi,

    I think you should really be posting in the soapui forum rather than readyapi! one, but trying to respond anyway:

    It sounds like youre having 2 different problems. The first issue was that the first name/value pair in your json response wasnt appearing in the json tab but was appearing in your raw.
    The second issue you say soapui hangs when trying to add a new testcase. Either issue we would need a lot more info to help out.

    Http, soapui, and error logs for both issues
    Have you tried creating a test case using other fucntionality to do thr same thing?
    Does soapuo hang when yoy try snd create a testcase in a different soapui project?

    As i say above...we wouldnt be able to help without you providing a lot more info for the issues.