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2 years ago

JMS Test Step usage for Multiple users



We have just recently migrated from RaedyAPI v2.6.0 to v3.9.1. the biggest difference was HermesJMS now not being available on new version. So that means we have to change our configurations for JMS.


We use IBM WebSphereMQ. So I ha d to use the desired jar files, create Connection Factory in WMQ and then able to execute the JMS step.


Question is, if multiple users want to execute, do we have to install IBM WMQ and then create Connection factories on those machines as well to run these JMS steps or is there any easier way to handle this scenario as we have around 20 users?


So again in future if any changes desired like MQ changes, then do we have to ask all 20 users to modify their respective MQ settings/Connection Factories?




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