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6 years ago

Jenkins issue running SOapui PRO and testcomplete through jenkins

I have a CI server process. It currently runs test complete tests through jenkins and works fine.   I know have soapui Pro. I plan to run API tests after the test complete tests finish. The i...
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    6 years ago

    Hi endorium


    The requirements for running SoapUI Pro (with Fixed license) and TestComplete tests from Jenkins are mutually exclusive, indeed. TestComplete requires the Jenkins service to run under the Local System account, and SoapUI Pro - under a user account that is a requirement of the licensing system and the Fixed license type.


    You can overcome this conflict by using the Floating license type instead of Fixed. Once you have your SoapUI Pro Floating license you will need to:

    1. Run the Jenkins service to run under the Local System account;

    2. Add a build step that checks out the license before the test execution as it's described here:

    In this case, the license will be applied under the Local System account and TestRunner will be able to use it.


    To learn more about Floating licenses please reach out to your Sales rep or submit a request here: