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4 years ago

JDBC datasource Virt doesnt fetches MySQL DB values when deployed on Virtserver

Hi All,

My virt is connected to MySQL which doesn't fetches values when it is deployed on Virtserver. ReadyAPI client, Virtserver and MySQL, all are installed on my system. Virt fetches the DB values when it runs locally. 

I have placed jdbc drivers on <Virtserver directory>/bin/ext , <Virtserver directory>/lib, <ReadyAPI directory>/lib and <ReadyAPI directory>/bin/ext also.

Provided correct connection string and driver.

Driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Connection String: jdbc:mysql://


It is urgent. Someone please help.

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    Hi Aradhna, I see that you are working with our support engineer in case 00464492. Please share the final solution here, on the forums, that will help a lot of people in the future!