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5 years ago

java.lang.NullPointerException when sorting project properties

I have 146 project properties that I would like to sort. I have found this post. I modified the code a bit to sort project properties. See below: 

def obj = testRunner.testCase.testSuite.project "Number of Properties: " + obj.getPropertyCount();

def propList = []; // Arraylist to store properties
obj.getPropertyList().each { prop -> // For all Project (custom) properties
	propList.add(;  // Add it to the arraylist
def sortedList = propList.sort(); // Sort the array list
def index = 0
sortedList.each { name -> 	// Loop the sorted ArrayList index + " - " + name + " - " + obj.getPropertyValue(name)
	obj.moveProperty(name, index); // Get Project (custom) property by name an move it to sorted position

I randomly get "java.lang.NullPointerException" when running the code at red statement above. I does however sort 4 to 10 properties before I get the error. So each time I re-run the code I get a bit further before I get error message. So I managed to get the properties sorted. 

But why am I getting this error?


Thanks in advance!

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    Said ,

    I believe, no custom script is needed to sort any level properties.

    Have you not tried the out-of-the-box sort properties ? There is an icon with "up/down arrorw" symbol which does the same. Isn't what you want?

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      That only works in that specific screen (project properties screen). Take for example the property transfer test step: you cannot sort the target properties there. I have plus 150 porperties that I cannot sort in this screen. That is the reason I want to sort the project properties. Then they are also sorted in property transfer test step.