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8 years ago

java.lang.Exception: DataSource not set in step ... when running SoapUI Pro with Maven Plugin

I've looked into the forums and have found previous instances of similar errors, but none with solutions that made sense to me.

I'm using Soap UI Pro (Ready API) 1.8.5 and when run from within Soap UI Pro, or from command line on my local system with with "testrunner" everything is fine.


However, when run from Maven plugin (5.1.2) either locally, or in our dev ops environment, we receive the error in the subject line for each instance in Soap UI project where a DataSource test step is executed with the option to "generate" test data. For reference, I have other DataSource test steps that read data from files, set values in a grid, and as a pick list, none of those fail. Only those which use the "Data Generate" option are failing in this manner.

I've attached my pom.xml file, my project.xml file, and the test results log. Please note I cleaned my project.xml file to remove any sensitive data, such as end point references.


Thanks in advance for you help.