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3 years ago

Issue in Loading external custom lib in script assertion

Ready API Version- 3.9.0


I have created few external groovy files for common assertions. to use those external script files have created a custom lib folder on local machine -

For Ex- /Users/<User-Name>/SoapUI_Projects/lib

And also updated the path of the folder in the Script library under Preferences and saved preferences+ restarted Ready API as well.

Now when I am using this lib in Assertion. It is still looking for the Ready API installation folder instead of my custom lib path.

It looks for dir-  "/Application/ReadyAPI such file directory)" instead of my custom lib path.


can anyone please help me here if I am doing something wrong?


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    hi lavnyaup ,

    ReadyAPI project would bind a script library in project level (in project properties). you just need to fill in your script lib path (i.e. ${projectDir}/xxx/xxx).


    for instance:

    your project path is: C:\Users\<User name>\ReadyAPIProject

    your script lib path would be: ${projectDir}\ScriptLib