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2 years ago

Is it possible to edit Smart Assertions as Text?

We are currently in development and our assertions can change a lot.  The most annoying aspects are items that repeat a lot in lists.  Is there a way that Smart Assertions can be edited in a text editor so that we can use Find/Replace to update multiple items more easily?  This would safe us a lot of time.  

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    Hello Taz 


    I do not use Smart Assertions for the very reason you are stating... I bet the authors of ReadyAPI needed a quick method to do an assertion for people who do not want to code anything.  Since you are requesting text editor capability, you probably could use a groovy script and write your own assertions in it.  It allows a lot easier maintenance of the assertion because you don't have to crack open a dialog for the assertion and you could consolidate to one script to be called if you wanted to go even farther for low maintenance.




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      I guess that´s the way to go.  I was hoping that there might be a way to convert the Smart Assertions to a script because this would safe a lot of time with some of the responses that require hundreds of Assertions.  Capturing the initial response would be useful as a basic template which could then be refined inside the script.