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2 years ago

is it possible to automate web application using Ready API?

Hi Team


During our end points validations, we need to verify whether the data is reflected in user interface in web application. is it possible to perform UI validation from Ready API. If yes, please let us know the steps to perform this.




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    Hello kpsmanyam 


    I cannot give you the steps because of the varied browsers and variables that must be answered to accomplish the steps...


    Web Application testing is very easy to do via ReadyAPI using Selenium which has a multitude of Java examples that drop right into groovy test step scripts (mobile application testing is as easy with Appium).  I have done Web and Mobile testing in ReadyAPI with both of those frameworks (Selenium and Appium) with great success (efficient and low maintenance), so it can be done. 


    Web and Mobile application testing is not built into the ReadyAPI product itself if that is the context of your question...  Selenium JAR files and browser specific drivers need to be accessed through ReadyAPI.  Once it is all setup however, you would never know it is not built into ReadyAPI.  ReadyAPI usage of Groovy gives it tremendous flexibility in overcoming obstacles that are not part of the actual ReadyAPI product.