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I have used SoapUI for years, and just started getting this issue. When trying to load a new WSDL, in soapUI log, I get:

Mon May 14 14:48:13 PDT 2012:ERROR:An error occured [], see error log for details

In error log I get:

Mon May 14 14:48:13 PDT
at Source)

The WSDL is fine, as it was valid last Friday, and I can also run a request and get a response. I just cannot load a new (any) WSDL. Any ideas? I have also attached a dump of my set command output.


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    I'm getting the same error.

    It would be nice if the Bear were actually smart and told us what the problem was!



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      Check if the wsdl is available by accessing it in the browser.
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      Just to expand a bit and I'm not sure if this is relavent in your case, but in a totally different scenario I was getting a strange InvalidDefinitionException. It turns out that the functionality that adds/updates WSDL always assumes a HTTP 200 OK response and that the reply contents is a WSDL document, thus if ever some other response is returned e.g. HTTP 401 Unauthorised, the add/update functionality ignores it and tries to process the associated reply contents as WSDL when it is not, hence the unexpected InvalidDefinitionException. This issue was reproduced by SmartBear support and logged as defect number SOAP-5946.


      I also discoved, there is an problem with the WSDL "Update Definition" functionality, if a WSDL fails to import because there is a genuine invalid WSDL issue, once the WSDL is corrected Ready API still thinks that there is a problem and reports invalid WSDL. The only way to successfully update the WSDL was to exit and restart Ready API.  This issue was also reproduced by SmartBear support and logged as defect number SOAP-5947