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8 years ago

I get "Failed to save project(file name) No such file or directory"

Everytime, I try to Save All Projects. I get this Error Information(see below) , anyone experienced this and have solution?


"Failed to save project(file name) No such file or directory"



See attached Screenshot as well. 


btw, This is in mac. I did not had this problem before until I restarted the machine.

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    Have you tried to change the location and saved the project one more time?

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    I recently experienced this issue and it broke down to the fact that I had selected the preference to "create backups of projects before saving" and left the "backup location" field empty. Turns out that ReadyAPI/SoapUI, instead of saving project backup in the same location of the original project file (which would make the most sense, imho...) defaults to saving the backup somewhere in the ReadyAPI/SoapUI install location (or some other unexpected location). Turns out sometimes that location is not writable by the current user (in my case, because only root user had write access). And ReadyAPI/SoapUI doesn't bother to check whether write permissions exist, it just tries to save, and if that fails it send back the error message without parsing it into an intelligent form.


    Suggestion to the ReadyAPI/SoapUI devs: add a try-catch statement around the code trying to create the backup, and if it fails due to, let the user know it's an issue with the backup, not with the original; also do an active check on whether write permissions exist there; also, in the preferences window, add some detail that lets the user know where the default backup location is. Also, maybe change that default backup location to the project-dependent ${projectDirectory} location (or whatever that internal property is, I forget); or maybe add that as an alternative---it can default to either the project-dependent ${projectDirectory}, or some fixed location.

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    I just got this error today after upgrading to SoapUI Open Source 5.5.0 in a strange scenario.  I'm using Windows 10 and login with a non-admin user account.  I upgraded from 5.4.0 to 5.5.0 and expected to be prompted with a login to the Admin user account - but that never happened.


    SoapUI 5.5.0 ran, I imported a project and ran into the "can't save project" issue.  I killed SoapUI thru Task Manager, logged into my Admin account, saw that it didn't appear in the list of Programs and installed it.  This time, no problem saving the project.

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      Here's an interesting screen shot (attached).  When I went to run SoapUI 5.5.0 a few weeks later, it wasn't coming up.  Then I noticed dual entries in Windows 10.


      I uninstalled one of them and things are working fine.


      Again, this happened when I installed SoapUI Open Source 5.5.0 using a non-Admin user account on Windows 10.  It did not prompt me for my admin password, which most programs do.