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9 years ago

how to transfer property from REST GET request to another REST POST request

Hi there, I need help on SoapUI NG Pro (I couldn't find any demo or Youtube video explaining this) : How can I transfer properties from a REST GET request to REST POST request, when: The properies...
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    9 years ago
    You can use property expansion for the same.
    Save them at test case level properties and use in the post resquest
    "name" : "${#TestCase#PropertyName}"
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    9 years ago

    What I was missing is how to setup the properties in the first place, like:

    1. Go to the desired node in the XML response representation,

    2. Right-click on the node's value, select: "Transfer to" => "Add property step"

    3. Create the property right - set Target to the Property name.

    4. Then, in the POST request: right-click on the insert location => "Ge Data" => Project[X] => Property[Y].