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6 years ago

How to Store executed request Response from VirtServer to local


I have virtualized few services and those service is called by real system. Whenever we call the virtualized serive from real system the request and response is been displayed in virtserver transaction log. 

My requirement is how can i store all the executed request response in Local automatcally.

Note: in Soapui we can store when we use the client as Soapui. But i need to take a req/res from virtserver in every execution 

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    > how can i store all the executed request response in Local

    What does storing "in Local" mean?


    Can you provide more details about your scenario? Do you need to store responses provided by the Virtual Server? What for? Can't you use the logging functionality of the real system clients?


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply :)

    The real service log is not having request response details. I need a pair of executed virtual services. The virtserver log is havingonly limited things and every time i need to capture the request/response manualy. So is there any other way to retrieve the request and response the way we do store request and response in sopaui.


    Note :

    Virt server is running in different ip and service running in different ip