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8 years ago

How to run one request for 5 times with different parameterised test data

Hi I have to run following purchase request for  5 times. Each time, I have to call different package names which I will keep in custom properties. e.g. In first run , should call ${#TestSuite#pac...
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    8 years ago

    Take a look at the data driven testing capabilities of Ready API, this seems to be the scenario you are after, repeating a set of test step with a list of input data values. A Grid Data Source and Data Source Loop should take care of storing and iterating through your data (Do look at the other data sources available as they may be one to better suit your needs). Just put you SOAP step between these two and reference the data in the source.


    This may be simpler than storing you data in a set of test suite properties, and hand crafting a solution.