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8 years ago

How to run more than 1 test suite via maven...

clean test -Dsoapui.test-suite=My Test Suite

I run my project by above command and test suite is set in configuration block in pom.xml

<testSuite>My Test Suite</testSuite>

By passing comma separated values to test suite it runs only last test suite mentioned in that string.


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    Just curious what happens if you do not provide system argument "-Dsoapui.test-suite=My Test Suite"? And remove it from in pom.xml as well. I believe that entire project would be run. Is that what you need?

    If the above do not help, Can you run maven build twice with different system argument and see if that helps.
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      Yeah of course removing testSuite property and running multiple builds will run my multiple test suites.


      My project has 10 test suites and user can run more than 1 test suite at a time, not necessarily he/she wants to run all 10 test suites. Leaving testSuite property empty will run full project.