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7 years ago

how to prioritize event

I have a test cases defined in excel like 


Datasource = Exel 


Column : Prerequsite




TestCase:     LoginRequest

DataSource: Prerequsite :  Create User Request, Edit User Rquest 



I have a Event like


If datasource Prereq contains Createuser than RUN CreateUserRequest and

If datasource prereq contains edituser than RUN EditUserRequest 


So, when i am running above event 1st Create User need to run then edituser should run 


but its both running parallel


How can i run one bye one like createUser then Edit User 


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    Hey, can you provide more info on this? Is the Event you're talking about a groovy script? Can you provide us the groovy script? Can you share a print screen of your project for us just to understand you better?



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      Well, let me put it in this way 


      i have 3 variables storing in datasource as 


      1) createuser 2) edituser 3) logoutuser 


      and i have event like this: 


      if (datasource.contains ("createuser")) {   Then here createuser validation will be execute }


      if (datasource.contains ("edituser")) { Then here edit user validaton will be execute } 


      if (datasource.contains ("logoutuser ")) { Then here logout validaton will be execute } 



      Event : TestRunlisitner after step = datasource 


      So, Here on my datasource 


      If i keep only 1 variable like   -  createuser then event is executing correct 


      but if i keep 3 varaibles like - createuser;edituser;logoutuser   


      Then all 3 varaibles executing at the same time but my scenario is 


      need to excute one by one like 1) createuser 2) edituser 3) logoutuser 




      I hope this help you .. 


      Thanks in advance 


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        So one thing I see is that you mentioned having a Data Source with multiple variables / columns, one for each of the tests you want to consider running. And that these tests execute when all three variables are present. Using a data-source for this may take some extra work to get it to function the way you want.


        This sounds like an issue that might be solved with a wait/sleep command in groovy. That way, the Create User has time to process. You could build in some sort of check that waits until the Create User has a response, and then process the next steps.