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6 years ago

How to make it works well if I used project properties in request key?

For Example, I have API like:


And I want to make querystring key like wd which defined as project properties and then referer it in teststeps, but it not work as expect:


Expect Link:
Actual Link:


How to make it possiable, please help.


Details as below:

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    I'm not sure if you can use a property expansion as a Method Param name.


    Usually where you can use a propety expansion you can right click and use the "Get Data" menu item. e.g. in the Method Param value:



    I'm not an expect with REST requests, so perhaps someone else could provide more detail, or correct me.

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      This isn't possible in ReadyAPI!/SoapUI.

      I needed to do exactly this (parameterise a REST request's query parameter name rather than the value) about 6 months ago and spent a lot of time trying to find a way around the issue.
      I raised a ticket with Smartbear to see if they could help but they confirmed it was impossible using the out the box functionality and to rely on groovy to build my REST requests instead.
      I also raised a feature request so it might appear in the future, but i wouldnt hold my breath waiting! :)