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6 years ago

how to get what all rest call executed list

how can i get the all the list Rest calls executed on the project, i have bunch of test suites and test cases with dirrent kind of rest requests as test steps 


how can i get the list of what all rest requests executed  and how much time taken for each request 

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    Not sure if you wanted to find some thing different. You mean to say find the passed tests of different methods of each service?
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      What I did:

      Create a Event: RequestFilter.filterRequest

      Added following Script

      String therequestUri = new String(context.getProperty("requestUri").toString()) " | The requestUrl is " + therequestUri

      Every call produces following log entry:

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    Hi 678 


    Someone else put a project together to do something  - it lists out all the REST requests within a project


    It's just a bit of groovy

    def project = testRunner.testCase.testSuite.project "Interfaces in project " +
    for( iface in project.interfaceList )
    { "Interface: " +


    The above is contained within a groovy step.


    Would this suffice?







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    Thanks for the assistance, guys!


    678, did the suggestions help you? Please share with us the solution you've decided to use.

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      I need to log something like all interfaces of the project and executed time for it