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7 years ago

How to get passed assertions in Ready API generated reports?



I have a test case with following test steps


Step 1 - RetrieveDataScenario - GroovyScript - To retrieve data records from MySQL DB using my test case name

Step 2  - PopulateDataScenario - DataSource - To populate the data log using the records retrieved from RetrieveDataScenario test steps

Step 3 - GetRebates - RESTRequest - Using the data row(s) retrieved in DataSource, execute the REST Request and assert if mandatory tags are present (For example - 3 assertions to check if RebateId, RebateAmount, RebateExpirationDate tags are existing in the response. Out of the three assertions RebateExpirationDate tag is missing in response so which the assertion fails and the test step is also failed)

Step 4 - IterateTestCase - Repeat the GetRebates REST Request until all data rows are used


When I run this test case using the below testRunner command, I see only the failed assertion in GetRebates test step log file. Is there a way to include passed assertions also in this text file?


testrunner.bat -sCQ_SMOKE_TEST -cSTANDARD_FINANCE_WITH_REBATES_ONLY -r -a "-fC:\Users\ramus\Documents\Customer Quotes\results" "-RJUnit-Style HTML Report" "-EDefault environment" -I -S "C:\Users\ramus\Documents\Customer Quotes\CQ-Automation-readyapi-project.xml"

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