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10 years ago

how to get datasource property value and assign it to a variable from Virt editor

Hi Team,


Currently we have created a datasource property for a Virt (ApplicationId)

We are looking to save the property value in a variable.

But  facing issues while accessing the property value using get PropertyValue




Kindly help

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    Did you solve your problem? I'm trying to get values from excel datasource but I'm unable to get it using my script dispatcher. I don't know how to get them, it sounds like is similar to your question.

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      not sure how you're trying to get the data from the data source but here's how I've done it



      // define datasource to use
      def virtDS = mockRequest.getContext().getMockService().dataSources.getVirtDataSource("DataSourceName")
      // reset DataSource to top record and get 1st row of data
      virtDS.prepare(requestContext.getMockRunner(), requestContext)
      def strmapDS =, requestContext)
      // get data - These will reference the column names in your DS
      def dsHeader = strmapDS.get("Header", "value")
      def dsValue = strmapDS.get("Value", "value")
      //get next row values by using
      strmapDS =, requestContext)