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6 years ago

How to get better understanding op soapUI Pro Object Model

Hi all,

I have been using soapUI pro fow a while and I am happy with it :smileyhappy:

Most of the stuf I don't know I can find on the internet. This is cool, but I would like to better understand how things actualy work! I mean I can copy, past code and change it and stuf work, but I don't always understand what it is that I am doning. 


So my question(s) to get more understanding op soapUI object model and API testing:

Where can I find information how it is working (eg. what is testRunner or messageXchange?). I have read this: and much more. What is a TestRunContext? 


Thanks in advance

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  • Hello Said


    Till now even i am finding a Spooler where all the documentation is present for SoapUi/ReadyAPI. But idn't find it. You can find answer of your problems by visiting SmartBear Community or other blogs/Sites


    For answer to your question please go through below link:


    What is TestRunner and Context?


    Do Like and Accept if you find it as solution.



    Himanshu Tayal

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      Thanks for you anwer, it help me a bit further.

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      Yes, I have. I feel I am missing some beackground information. That is what I am looking for.

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        Said, The only other documentation I am aware of is the Plugin Development documentation. This might be work reading through (This document set amongst other things actually contains the Ready API version of the SoapUI Object Model page you originally linked to).


        Whilst not really that helpful, I found it was a lot of trial and error when I initially learnt to use Groovy script within Ready API.