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7 years ago

How to extract JSON data from external file as Datasource via Ready API?

I want to get data via JSON external file as datasource. So can someone help me here how can i get it? Is there any possibility that we can put JSON script in excel cell & extract via Ready API & us...
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    7 years ago




    It's probably possible to grab .json from individual cells/rows in a spreadsheet but why would you want to?


    I have lots of tests where I have individual test data saved in .json files (each file corresponds to a test/request) - I use the 'directory' datasource option. 


    This allows you to pass the whole file contents to a single property to then POST the filecontents via the property in a subsequent SOAP/REST request.


    This option enables me to loop through multiple files (multiple files in a single directory) or just a single file in a single directory for a non-looped execution run.


    So  a simple test case hierarchy is as follows:


    Datasource (directorytype) - fileContents property created (multiple .json files in directory)
    POST (${DataSource#fileContents}) <-- property specified in request body sources the fileContents property
    DatasourceLoop (loops back round to the next file in the directory - repeats until all files in directory have been processed

    You can also paste the .json content into the body of your POST/PUT/PATCH requests  - however this doesn't lend itself to looping test cases and also I find makes updating the testdata more difficult.


    Sure the other users will have lots of other options for this - but this tends to be my goto approach.