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5 years ago

How to enhance the report in jenkins to get test step level failures

Hi All. I'm using ReadyAPI 3.0 

My Expectation is:

   Right now, I'm running my automation in jenkins. I have used couple of "Run Test Step" approach. Let say, 

            Test Case A ---> Run Test Step (will call test case B).

            Test case B ---> Run Test Step (Will call test case C). If any failures happens in B or C. I'm only getting "test failed due to run test step" instead is it possible to get the exact failure of B or C in Test Case A? I've tried some listener it does the job, but it printing the logs in jenkins console level. I would like to have in a email format that readyAPI already generating. So I can use that to send developers. Is there anyway for that ? if not any alternate approach would br highly appreciated. Thanks

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    5 years ago

    Hi arunbharath ,

    You can command ReadyAPI to generate an external report containing the details about failed test steps by specifying the -F or -R command-line options in the runner's command line. ReadyAPI supports the following formats: PDF, XLS, HTML, RTF, CSV, TXT and XML, and all of them should include the information you need. Please refer to the following help topics for details:
    Preconfigured Report Styles 
    Command-Line Arguments 

    How does it work for you?

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      SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

      arunbharath, if the issue still persists, could you please provide more information?

      This will help the community understand what is going on in your lab better.

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        Hi sonya_m. I'm looking for test-step level readyapi reports instead of test case level. I'm using "RUN TEST CASE" to call different test cases into a single case. But readyAPI is only generating test case level report, So I'm not getting any clue what is happening in the called testcases if any failure happens. So I'm looking for any suggestions or solutions to get the test-step level failures in the report.

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      Hi nmrao. Sorry for late reply. Listener printing test step result in the jenkins console log. but I would like to have it in the readyAPI generated report.