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6 years ago

How to dynamically remove empty node from request xml in ReadyAPI?



I have 

1. A Data source with 2 columns (firstName, lastName) with a row of data

2. In one row the firstName is empty

3. I have a SOAP test with the Properties from the Excel mapped


Now everytime the row with missing firstName is hit, it is introducing <firstName></firstName> in the request XML (which can only be seen from Raw view. XML view does not comntain the empty tag since I modified the SoapTest Property "RemoveEmptyContent" to true) and the response fails (since there is a rule that any of these firstName, lastName should either do not have values or value of length 1 - 10).


So the Request XML I am expecting is


<customerSearchRequest xmlns="">


but it is taking 


<customerSearchRequest xmlns="">



I followed the post and created a RequestFilter.filterRequest event and wrote the below code in the Edit section (I am using ReadyAPI)


def groovyUtils = new context )
def stepName = context.getCurrentStep().getLabel()

def holder = groovyUtils.getXmlHolder(stepName + "#Request")


for( item in holder.getDomNodes( "//*[. = '']" )){


context.requestContent = holder.xml

But I am unable to remove <firstName></firstName> from the request. Where am I doing wrong? 

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