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7 years ago

How to create a restrequest step programmatically ?



I'm currently trying to build testCases programmatically.

Each new resource from the input swagger has to have it's corresponding testCase.


I manage to detect which resource has no testCase, I can create the testCase, but I have a problem when it's about to create the testStep.


I'm currently doing the following process :


import com.eviware.soapui.impl.wsdl.teststeps.registry.RestRequestStepFactory

	// create the test case
	tc = current_suite.addNewTestCase(resource)	
	// add a restrequest step tc.getClass()
	tc.addTestStep(RestRequestStepFactory.RESTREQUEST_TYPE , "Request 1" )

This ALMOST works ! but when it reaches the testStep creation, I have a pop up "New RestRequest" opening in readyAPI asking me to 'select existing request or REST method, or create a new request'.

How can I do this step programmatically ?


Thanks for any help



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