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8 years ago

How to change Assert Namespace definition per Environment?


  We have about 10 different test environments, and using the Environments setting works just fine for the Endpoints. However, the property transfers and asserts do not dynamically change per environment, so they keep trying to "declare namespace m='http://testurl.01:5050/Service';" when it might really be testurl.05 instead.


 Is there a way to create an Environment-level custom property to specify the namespace URL?

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    Usually namespaces are same irrespective of different environments. But, can't deny if there is possible to have different.

    It is not possible to have a variable in property transfer step.

    Like possible to achieve if groovy step is used.

    However, there is work around to ignore namespaces

    For eg:
    xpath with namespace prefix : "//ns1:element1/ns2:element2/text()"

    Can be used