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9 years ago

How to associate the response with the expected result (in data source) please?

I'm testing a simple medical rule, basically this rule requires a patient to visit his/her doctor for the second time AFTER he/she finishes the prescription medicine, for example:   1) Today the ...
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    9 years ago

    Hi Jerry,


    you could do this in SoapUI via groovy script. You need 4 steps in your TestCase:

    1. DataSource

    2. Soap-call

    3. Groovy-script for checking the result from the saop-call with your expected result (see below)

    4. DSL to get to the start of the loop again


    Your groovy script could look like this:


    def assertionList = [];
    def groovyUtils = new context );
    def holder = groovyUtils.getXmlHolder(testRunner.testCase.testSteps["<name of the saop-teststep to be executed>"].testRequest.response.getContentAsXml());


    // get the result from the soap call
    def soap_result = holder.getNodeValue("<xpath to the tag which holds the result>");


    // get the expected result from the datasource
    def ds = testRunner.testCase.testSteps['DataSource']; // name of the datasource
    def dsExpectedResult = ds.getPropertyValue("<name of the column in the datasource which contains the expected result>");


    // compare expected with actual result

    if ( dsExpectedResult != soap_result )" Actual and expected result do not match.");



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    9 years ago

    Thanks a lot for the great help!