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7 years ago

How to add multiple WSDLs to a single project in Soap UI NG Pro?

I have created a project in Soap UI NG Pro and need to use multiple WSDLs within the same project. Data from Response of one web service is sent as input to another web service.

I have inserted a Soap Request test step multiple times and then added a new end point for the same. But on doing that it does not update the Form type of request and populate the fields. Is there any other way this can be done?

  • The interface can't have a duplicate name. Right click on the first interface, rename then add the next wsdl.

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    After you've created a project based on a particular WSDL, you can add more WSDLs to the same project. Go to the Projects tab, right click the target project and select 'Add WSDL'.

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      On trying to add another WSDL to the project it displays a message :"Interface already exists in project, update instead?" and does not let me add.

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        Are you adding the same WSDL or a new version of the one you already have? If they are defined similarly enough, ReadyAPI may not see them as separate wsdl packages.