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5 years ago

How do you use VirtResponse test step?

Hi I am looking to get a better understand on how the VirtResponse test works in SoapUI Pro. I have read the the ReadyAPI documentation for this and have tried to use in in a test, but i have...
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    5 years ago



    Thank you for your post.


    The Rest VirtResponse test step is where you could preconfigure the response, you will have an endpoint created in the Rest VirtResponse test step, try to hit that endpoint from your Rest request test step. The Rest VirtResponse test step works more like a virtual server. Once you hit the endpoint you should receive the preconfigured response in your rest request test step.


    For your questions:


    Does the VirtResponse listen and capture the request for a real endpoint? or does its require a virt to be set up in ServiceV?

    The Virtresponse teststep only gets triggered by the rest request within the test case. It doesn't require a virt to be set in the ServiceV, as it is a virt by itself. However, a real service can't use this endpoint as it is confined to the local machine.


    Are there any example what needs to be setup to work with VirtResponse step?

    I am attaching a VirtServerResponseDemo-readyapi-project file here, you could import and try.