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6 years ago

How do I know SOAP UI pro executed on a specific environment?

Hi,   I have set up various test environments test1, test2, test3. However I am not able to find out whether its executed on a specific test environment test1, test2 or test3. I am executing usin...
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    6 years ago

    Hi Kalyan2020,


    Perhaps there are other ways, but you could put the below in your project setup/teardown script:

  "Project run executed on environment: " +

    That way, at the beginning/end of the run you can see your chosen environment name in the log. Should be equal to the one you selected with your -E parameter.

    So --> "Project run executed on environment: test1"


    You could write this name to a project property, some reports also log these by doing this:

    def active_environment =
    .setPropertyValue("active_environment", active_environment)