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5 years ago

How do I import TestRunner/How do I fail a test case without testRunner?

For a groovy assertion, testRunner is not available apparently. Sometimes at the top it says testRunner but this only says "Script is invoked with log, context and messageExchange variables".


So I cannot do


How do I import testRunner? 

or How do I fail the test case without the testRunner?



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  • Update: I found one possible solution here:


    I still have to test it though.


    Possible solution:

    I cannot refer to testRunner object in my groovy assertion. How do I access a test-case or step therein from my groovy assertion?

    This was quite an interesting one. typically when you want to access a current test case you would use a syntax


    this works perfectly fine in a plain groovy step or setup or tear down scripts. However, when you try referring to testRunner within a groovy assertion step, soapUI throws exception. The workaround to this is accessing testCase or test step via ‘context’ object. So you can use a syntax

    context.getTestCase().getTestStepByName(“MyStep”) OR

    depending on your need.

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      Hi SmartBear217 


      One of the decent groovy scripters on here will be able to explain better than  I - I only play with it - but what you've found is correct - for a Groovy TestStep - testRunner is available, but for a script assertion it isn't, so you have to use messageExchange 


      For example - the following works in a groovy script - the next is part of a script to grab a response header called 'originalFileName' that was generated from a step entitled 'POST Request (create call)'


      //Takes one of the elements of the response Header
      def value = testRunner.testCase.testSteps["POST Request (create call)"].testRequest.response.responseHeaders["originalFilename"]

      Whereas for a script assertion to do the same thing I had to use messageExchange


      //Takes one of the elements of the response Header
      def value = messageExchange.modelItem.testStep.testCase.testSteps["POST Request (create call)"].testRequest.response.responseHeaders["originalFilename"]

      Does that help at all?   As I say - I'm not a groovy scripter I just play around with it - one of the other chaps on here will be able to explain it all







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        Thanks for the reply but I'm not sure this helps because the question was "How do I fail the test case without the testRunner?"