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6 years ago

How did you run End to End (E2E) test with API

Generally, we'd like to implement sanity test with API first, and checking each endpoint by function. After it works well, you may want to implement more complex business scenarios. At some time, a feature related to other component and received some messages / trigger from upstream / downstream application. If you create tests with API, how did you design your test data / structures / checkpoints?

For example: I'd like to sumbit a post to update certain status, but it relied on upstream's data / status, I cannot put hard code in post, it mostly like populated data depends on dynamical response. then will send some GET request to retrieve data and determine status. if data return is not required, then loop to get next one.

Actually, can also take advantage of Request/Reply to do data inititation in back-end, and directly retrieve required data from system. However, if skip data init, only process via API. it will produce more extra steps to construct fundamental data. what's your suggestion to process E2E?


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