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    Hey syedzubairalam1,

    If i remember correctly TestRail publishes an API that you add into your ReadyAPI testcase, to indicate if a test has passed or failed. If thats still the case, id focus on getting your ReadyAPI plumbed into your CI/CD first.

    Have a look here for github actions/ReadyAPI config.

    Theres plenty of other resources out there giving you info how to configure your pipelines witb Git/GitHub, so its probably some small changes to work with Actions


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      This link is empty:

      And there is one paid tool out there in the market FIrefly, but I am not sure How I can run the Firefly using Command LIne. 
      Also, can you tell me how I integrate with GitHub action? As I don't want the Test engine to be integrated, As it has been licensed. I want to run it with Tesrunner.