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7 years ago

How can I catch Testcase name from Datasource Row

I have a Datasource containing multiple rows with ex. Row1, Row2, etc., 


I wanted to report Row1 as a TestCase1 Name, and Row2 as a TestCase2 Name 


How can i explore this - i am using ReadyAPI Pro

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    Could you please explain or give some more insight for the same. What actually you want to report or validate?

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      I have Test cases on Excel for Every Row 1 = Testcase 1, Row 2 = Testcase 2, when i run a request i am getting report as Request Pass/Fail but not the Test case name from Excel 

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        Hi there, I am assuming that this is a data driven test and data is being used by a REST test step. you could add a groovy step to read Datasource data and dynamically update testcase name on the run.


        for Ex: your test case structure would be



        Groovy Script


        DataSource Loop


        Groovy script:

        //Variables to store datasource values
        def TestData = context.expand( '${DataSource#Row}' )
        //## get REST Step Name and dynamically change//
        def RestStep = testRunner.testCase.getTestStepAt(2)





  • Hi,

    I have implemented data-driven test through Excel except the below issue: 


    In My excel i have the first column as test case name. All I want is, running the test suite should get the test case name from the first column of the excel and run the test steps in subsequent columns.


    Let's assume if I have 3 test cases as below:

    1. Test Case - valid employee

    2. Test Case - valid address

    3. Test Case - valid car


    After running the test suite, I expect the below:


    Test Suite

        Test Case - valid employee

        Test Case - valid address

        Test Case - valid car


    I'm not sure where to have the DataSource, Groovy Script, Request and DataSourceLoop to accomplish the above.

    Attached file which i accomplished with the below issues:

    1. My Groovy script is updating the test step with the test case name instead of having a separate test case as mentioned above.