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8 years ago

has been modified externally, overwrite?

I have about a dozen composite Ready!API projects open in Ready!API.  This isn't the first time I've done this.


This is just working on my local machine.  Nobody else has access to this disk.  I checked the files out from Subversion, and then Imported them into Ready!API.


As Ready!API sits there idle, it will suddenly pop up a box that contains a message dialog like:



? File for [bc33b1d9-8008-4951-bff9-00aa88cce412] has been modified externally, overwrite?

                                      Yes         No


I hadn't touched anything on the Ready!API screen for a while before it did this.

I click Yes (I'm not sure why I chose Yes instead of No :-), and that box disappears, only to be replaced by another, and another, and another.  I click as fast as I can for a long time, closing countless such boxes.


Five minutes later, it all happens again.


So far it's just a big annoyance, but I don't know if my project files are getting corrupted or anything.


Any clues here?

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    Check the preferences, you may find autosave interval. Change as needed. And see if this helps.
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      I have same issue. It looks like autosave generates this message. In my case "...has been modified externally, overwrite?" shows periodically equal to autosave period. It makes autosave function useless as it should save projects without any message. When i live SoapUI for a long time i gave stack of many mesages to click. This is so frustrating, as i head to disable autosave and already lost some work because of that.