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6 years ago

Hardware recommendations needed for hosting performance intensive virtualisation

Hello All,


This is my first topic.  I tried to search all the existing search results but could not find any.  We recently bought the licences and would like to host around 17 different virtualised services in a host with different ports.  We are looking for hardware recommendations to host these services.  We expect around 20-40 hits/second across all these services.


All these services are SOAP services and some or REST services. I am looking for a recommended hardware size based on the existing user community usage.


Thanks a ton!


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  • Hi vkseshadri,


    I'm not sure that I understand you correctly. According to our recommendations, you need 500 MB of free disk space for installation ReadyAPI. But if you mean how many RAM do you need, I can't give you the correct answer. It related to many factors. I think 6 GB will be enough but maybe not.