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5 years ago

Guidance required on servicev groovy script

I have on an application which is developed in c++ command line and I need to create a mock server to communicate with my application and perform the validations on the servicev side using a groovy script.


Step 1: I am able to communicate with my Application by creating the ssh key. 

https://localhost:4443/<api Name> 

Step 2: Using sample scripts I can able to get the Method Name, api path, etc. 

Step 2: I want to validate the incoming request is valid or not and also it has some time intervals, retrycount, and timeout. How do I validate those cases as the incoming requests are coming from the client are within secs. I need to save the time of those request and hold it into a variable and then catch up the next time of the same request and do validations for the same requests . is it possible or not. Please guide me which approach do I need to follow.


is it possible to write Java/groovy classes in ServiceV tool? 





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